“In 2015, I had the privilege of working with Jack Lowcock who was the site foreman for a residential project which I designed in Bowen, North Queensland called Inverdon House. I am a registered Australian architect and for this project during the construction phase, I spent every day on site in order to grow my construction and site knowledge. For most builders, this would likely be an inconvenience however Jack exemplified full professionalism and adopted the role of both colleague and teacher demonstrating the roles of project management, documentation, construction and design. Although I had produced a set of documentation for the project, Jack also modelled up the project in a 3d visualization program to better understand the building and so we could communicate building details, material quantities for ordering and resolve design issues.

It was an absolute pleasure working with someone who exemplifies such professionalism and passion for what they do and it definitely was reflected in the attitudes of all workers on site and in the work that was produced. Inverdon House is a fine example of impeccable craftsmanship and expertise.”