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Client Testimonial

Our initial meeting with Lowcock Builders was in the last quarter of 2022. Meeting up with Jack, Ashley and the Lowcock team they presented their proposal, the commercial team involved int eh build, and timelines on when the project would be completed by.

Having paid the deposit in Dec 2022, work commenced early 2023 with a timeline of approx. 6 months.

End date for the project was for 31 July 2023 and we were very pleased to have a handover mid-August 2023. Delays due to some wet weather and variations with the original design placing pressure on Jack and the team to complete it on time.

The workmanship, ease of communication and suggestions put forward when Nolan’s was making variations made this project seamless from start to finish. Lowcock Builders also worked very closely with Refrigerated Technologies who were engaged to construct the cold-rooms and mechanical fit out along with the air conditioning for the building.

The result was a cold store transport depot that Nolan’s is very proud of, the detail in the finished work and the look of the depot from the outside is very pleasing when driving by.

Nolan’s Senior Management and our onsite team could not thank Jack, Ashley and all the Lowcock building team for the hard work and commitment on this project to complete on time, within budget and have a finished depot that looks amazing.

Andrew Tolputt,

General Manager, Nolan’s Interstate Transport